Twilly triumphed at the FIFI Awards 2018

April 2018

On April 11, the 26th edition of the FIFI Awards was held, a ceremony organized by the Fragrance Foundation France to celebrate fragrance, creation, and its industry.

The prizes awarded each year are the FIFI d’Or, which recognizes the creative excellence and consistency of a feminine and masculine fragrance, the Prix des Experts rewarding a juice belonging to a brand or niche collection, the Prizes of Professionals who distinguish in 8 different categories a launch in the selective circuit, and finally the Public Prize submitted to the vote of Internet users.

Twilly d’Hermès, Hermès’ new feminine fragrance launched in the fall of 2017, has distinguished itself by the high quality and originality of its juice, and by the beauty of the design of its bottle by winning two Prix des Professionnels. The perfume of the daughters of Hermes has finally won the FIFI d’Or which devotes it for all of its creation, olfactory, aesthetic and advertising.

The house entrusted Pierre Katz with creating the identity of the perfume and the dressing of the bottle.

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