Our approach :
empathy and culture.

We define and rejuvenate brand identities to create long-lasting value.

Our role is to listen and understand the singularities of each brand through a dialogue with our clients, whether these singularities are hidden in the archives of the House or in the speech of its founders.

Through a cultural and semiological approach to the brand, and through our expertise in crafting quality signs, we seek to enhance the value of our client’s brands, by giving it presence, singularity and legitimacy.

  • History and culture

    The first rule when creating value through design elements is to ensure they look legitimate. In our search for legitimacy and meaning, history, stories and culture are fundamental for us. Through studying the speech of the founders, leaders and employees who help bring the brand to life on a daily basis, through historical and picture research, through exploration of archives and the historical and geographical roots of a company we work to bring out the values and intangibles, in other words, the temperament of each House.

  • Tailor-made

    We compose and chisel each design element to the nearest millimetre, whether it's a coat of arms, an emblem or the graphics of a name. We believe that harmony has enormous impact, and only the precise balance of forms will allow this harmony to emerge.

  • No design

    Our unique ideology is one of "no design". Our obsession is meaning and the legitimacy of the signs we create. We want to produce designs that are strong in their own right beyond styles and trends, avoid ornamentation and retain only what is significant, and thus aim for the natural authority of quality.

  • Precision

    We control the entire graphic chain, from design to production, allowing us to offer the highest possible standards when it comes to quality and perceived value, and we will make the right technical choices to ensure the very best end result.